Maria Hosein-Habibi was born in Afghanistan but grew up in Germany.

After high school graduation, she started studying English, politics and arts at the University of Hildesheim. There, she obtained her Bachelor´s and Master´s degree. After passing the second state examinationshe entered the teaching profession.

Besides being a teacher at a secondary school, she´s currently working at the University of Hildesheim. Additionally, she holds exhibitions where she displays her artwork. In October 2016, she participated in a group exhibition for the first time after high school. Her first solo-exhibition, which was dedicated to the colorful culture of Afghanistan took place in November 2016. 

Maria Hosein-Habibi was a member of the AVAA (Afghan Visual Art Association NL) and participated in its first art exhibition, which took place in Arnhem, Netherlands. 

In May 2019, she was one of the 9 Afghan artists based in Europe who took part in a group exhibition called Hommage to Afghanistan. It was the first exhibition of Afghan artists in the premises of the European Union (European External Action Service) in Brussels. 

Maria is interested in social development, politics and a member of different associations and supports various projects. She also is a board member of AFGHANIC.e.V. - charity organisation which focuses on medical, cultural and educational issues in Afghanistan and Germany.





10/ 2016   1st Kunstmarkt (Berlin)

11/ 2016   RANGIN I (NLBV Hannover)

04/ 2017   Gedankenwelt (Bildungsverein Linden, Hannover)

03/ 2018   RANGIN II (Rathaus Garbsen)

03/2018    AVAA´s 1st Exhibition (B53, Arnhem, Netherlands)

08/ 2018   Back to the Roots (Raum für Kunst und Kommunikation,                                     Hannover)

09/2018    mUSE ART Festival (Hannover)

05/2019    Homage to Afghanisan ( European External Action Service,                                 Brussels, Belgium)

07/2019    24th Hambug Afghanistan Week (Hamburger Afghanistan Woche)